How To Earn as LAMBOQ's Liquidity Providers

How To Earn as LAMBOQ's Liquidity Providers - Users can earn an annual percentage yield (APY) by staking their assets on the LAMBOQ SWAP platform, by staking LP tokens to add liquidity. Once users find the pairs of tokens they would like to carry, they have to provide liquidity on the percentage. When users give liquidity to a pool, they earn LP tokens, which they must stake into a yield farm to earn LAMBOQ tokens.  

For example:

  1. Users provide liquidity to a pool offered by the LAMBOQ SWAP Exchange.
  2. Deposit the liquidity token (LAMBOQ LP) provided by the exchange after contributing liquidity to a yield farm.
  3. Earn LAMBOQ tokens.

Liquidity Earnings

LAMBOQ SWAP does not charge a platform fee. The 0.17% trading fee is going to the liquidity providers. This value splits between all liquidity providers based on the percentage of the pool that they provide.

LAMBO.QUEST A frictionless high-yield hyper-deflationary token smart chain on auto-pilot to rewards investors for holding tokens while also implementing the brand-new Buyback contract characteristics.

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