Lambo Quest token ready on LamboQswap

Lambo.Quest is a frictionless high-yield deflationary

A 2% transaction fee rewards holders, 6% for buyback and will be burn automatically, 2% Auto LP and another mechanism will burn 28.4% of the contract. LamboQ potentially 100,000x in the near future with the most advanced tokenomics created.

Fairlaunch starting at July 14, 2021 21:07:07 💥🚀🌟🚀

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A Hidden Gem

Build trust with binance smart chain to increase the efficiency as a hidden gem for all holders.

A Deflationary

LamboQ is a hyper-deflationary token that will burn continue at each tx with the buyback system.

Extreme Security

Ownership will be renounce on binance and 100% Liquidity Pool Burn to build trust on you.

High-Yield Reward

Comes with high-yield rewards system for 2% share from every transaction to all holders.

Smart Chain

Lambo.Quest is powered by the binance smart chain speed with balance 10% low fees per tx.

Marketing Power

Lambo.Quest token also implementing the brand-new 6% Buyback contract characteristics.

Buy on LamboQswap

Lambo.Quest listing on Pancakeswap V.2 to let you buy #LAMBOQ with TrustWallet.



Lambo.Quest can be purchased at LamboQswap like using Pancakeswap V.2 with TrustWallet app by pairing BNB Smart Chain for 10% slippage on each transaction.

Best Features

Lambo.Quest features help
to improve value

The low-cost smart chain transaction system through LamboQswap improves transaction workflow, speed, increases liquidity, and simultaneously creates token scarcity while providing an exceptional transaction experience quickly to keep deals.

We tried to make


2% of total tokens of buying and selling will be rewards to all holders.


6% of each transactions will be bought back to be burned into black-hole forever.

Liquidity Pool

2% of total tokens of buying and selling will be send to liquidity pool.

Tokenomics Supply

Lambo.Quest creates hyper-deflationary tokens by burning 28.4% of the total supply from the start of deploying and continuing to burn 6% against every transaction of circulation available on the market.

Total Supply
Burnt Out

Support System

Lambo.Quest comes with a support system from all sources that getting from blockchain, social media, sales market, into our amazing community. We are committed to bring great value and sustainability to the community and partners.

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Lambo.Quest Team

Noverichard D., Lambo Quest dev. is a 49-year-old man, born on the island of Timor, who lives in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia. He has worked as a Government Employee in the Forestry sector since 1992 in South Kalimantan, and moved to Bali in 2012. He is passionate about IT. His educational background in the forestry sector is completely unrelated to his interest in IT. Especially with the crypto world.

He chose to present himself as a Lambo Quest dev, in order to give encouragement to Indonesian cryptocurrency developers. He really loves Indonesia and he hopes that Indonesian cryptocurrency developers will play a role in the advancement of the crypto world and the use of crypto currency in the future.

Frequently asked questions

01. How can I Buy LAMBOQ ?
LAMBOQ tokens are available in Pancakeswap V.2. can be purchase at LamboQswap by using the TrustWallet app or your Metamask. Make sure you have one of the two crypto applications to be able to buy LAMBOQ by converting BNB coins for purchases.
02. How much does the slippage of LAMBOQ?
LAMBOQ tokens can be purchased at LamboQswap with a fairly low slippage, which is only 10% per transaction. But sometimes you can also increase the slippage fee to increase the speed of the transaction process.
03. What is token sharing system in each tx?
Of course there is. Every purchase or sale of your transaction tax will be shared; 2% for Liquidity, 3% for rewards for holders, 6% will be auto-buyback and burning to the black-hole forever.
04. Are LAMBOQ sold the Fairlaunch way?
Yes. LAMBOQ tokens will be sold on a fair launch at LamboQswap. For more detailed information about this sale, find it on the LAMBOQ telegram group.
05. When will the LAMBQ token Fairlunch start?
LAMBOQ tokens will be sold through Fairlunch at LAMBOQ Swap on July 14, 2021. Make sure you keep up with us in the LAMBOQ telegram group. All information is announced there.
06. Are the LAMBOQ's LP Burned?
Yes. LAMBOQ's LP token will be burning forever in the binance chain. This is to maintain mutual comfort and safety or holders and Liquidity of LAMBOQ token itself.
07. What is the short target of LAMBOQ ?
The main target for LAMBOQ tokens is listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko with some ad placement in various crypto media.
08. Will LAMBOQ collaborate with other projects?
LAMBOQ will collaborate with other token projects issued by the same dev. Announcements will be made through the telegram group. Make sure you are always part of the LAMBOQ telegram group.



The following is information of the roadmap of LAMBOQ token targets in 2021 & 2022. Your support in the telegram group and the entire voting sites is needed to raise LAMBOQ token.

Roadmap Q3 2021

Roadmap Q4 2021

Lambo.Quest Roadmap Q4 '21.

Roadmap Q1 2022

Lambo.Quest Roadmap Q1 '22.

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